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Earlier this week I was invited to attend a demo of a new cloud based video editing system called Forscene, at the Atos offices in Sandton. I was skeptical at first, as this whole service is dependent on Internet connectivity. In my attempt at growing the online video news services as the Multimedia Manager for Avusa Media Live (currently renamed Times Media Live) and at the South African Press Association (SAPA), I found myself being retrenched from both companies, due to the costs involved in running such a department and the slow Internet speeds in South Africa, which affects the amount of people viewing video content online. Hence my skepticism.


The Forscene video platform is accessible via the web, and it will allow you to upload your video footage onto a cloud server, video edit, add text, colour grade and finally export it to most formats, including broadcast television high definition.

This service will allow small video production companies who can’t afford expensive centralized server systems, the same functionality via cloud computing, for a fee.

Effectively, this means that you will be able to hire this service and allow more than one person to have access to the footage, no matter where they are, provided they have access to the Internet.

Internet speed is my major concern with this service in our South African market. We have been promised faster Internet speeds for a while now and we are still waiting for this to happen.

Some of the questions that I hope they will answer at the official launch on the 23rd of May 2013, at Montecasino include:

How long will it take to upload HD video footage via a typical ADSL and 3G connection?

These answers will affect how this product will be accepted in the South African TV and video production industries.

If you want more information about Forscene, visit their website and their YouTube page.


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