Macdonald’s new Grand Chicken Special burger

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Grand Chicken Special burgerYes, you are reading this blog post correctly, it is a review of Macdonald’s new Grand Chicken Special burger. I had this amazing tasting chicken burger yesterday and it impressed me so much that I decided to write about it.

The crispy chicken breast is placed between a lightly toasted bun with corn meal sprinkled on top of it. This adds a little pleasant and subtle taste note to this bun.

I am sure they are probably using the same crispy chicken breasts, which they normally use with their Grand Chicken Ranch and Spicy Hot burgers. The grilled mushrooms and garlic mayo added to this burger just takes it to another level. For once, their new gourmet television commercial is not exaggerating things.

The tasty grilled mushrooms and garlic mayo adds such a lovely smoky flavor to this burger. The rest of the burger has the normal crispy lettuce & tomato with a slice of cheese. I am not sure what kind of cheese they used, but it did not taste like some of those horrible processed cheese flavors you sometimes taste with their beef burgers.

Let me assure you, McDonald’s did not pay me to write this review. This burger just tastes really good. Go out and try one and let me know what your thoughts are.


2 thoughts on “Macdonald’s new Grand Chicken Special burger

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