Licorish Bistro review

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Last year, round about this time, I read the menu of the newly opened Licorish Bistro, in Nicolway Shopping Centre, and it blew my mind. Last week, I finally got around to tasting their food.
Yes, it did blow my mind!
Licorish Bistro describes itself as a restaurant that merges classic and contemporary dishes for the South African palate, which they successfully did with the meal I ordered.
Licorish Bistro
This deconstructed breyani dish consisted of brinjal, mansoor lentils and snow peas breyani with butter beans, hummus, coconut dhal, coriander sauce and brinjal chutney.
It was the perfect choice as I felt for a light meal. It packed a great punch with its curry flavours. This dish would have satisfied the vegetarians and for meat lovers, like myself, the ingredients stuffed into the brinjals with the hummus was very filling. In fact, I could only finish half my serving and I ate the rest a day later and it still tasted delicious.
I can’t wait to go back and try out the rest of their menu.

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