Andhim Mix

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I started DJing in the 1990’s. Those were the good old days, playing vinyls on the Rolls Royce of turntables called the Technics 1200 and 1210. I was never a lover of playing commercial hits, but that was always required. I was a B-side type of DJ, side A would most likely have the commercial version of a song. I always tended to play the B-side with the dub versions etc.

I am still the same today, with my song selections. The Andhim mix that I made is a perfect example of this.

Andhim consists of two German DJs / Producers, Simon Haehnel  and Tobias Muller. They describe their music as “Super House”. I like to describe their music as mellow hype deep house. I really like how refined their productions are with loads of nuances inter-woven with sexy bass beats.

If you listen to the mix above, you should have a good sense of their musical style. Therefore, when I saw the video below, the humor displayed in it, did not come as a surprise.

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