Stompie and the Red Tide

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Thirteen years ago, my friend Zulfah Otto-Sallies and I, were invited by Dermod Judge to co-write a short movie called Stompie and the Red Tide that was produced by M-Net Magic Works. Dermod developed the story, which was about two “bergies” (homeless people) from the Cape West coast, who are disillusioned about the changes in the new South Africa.
As Dermod was from Ireland, he was struggling to write the dialogue for this story, so he invited Zulfa and I to help him. We wrote all the dialogue in Cape Afrikaans slang and the movie was released with English subtitles.
It was a cool experience writing these words down on paper and later seeing it played out on the sliver screen. I was also invited on to the set when they were filming. I mistakenly pissed off the director and script supervisor when I saw some of the dialogue not really working in the way that we wrote it. I tried changing it with the actor, who played Stompie, without going through the right protocol. Overall, I am still completely chuffed that I got to experience this and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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