Free Wi-Fi connects Tsogo Sun guests to the world

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Internet connectivity and data costs have become a big reality in most, if not all, of our lives. Using multiple devices like smart phones, laptops and tablets in our everyday lives, has become second nature to most of us.

When traveling for work or pleasure, I personally don’t bother when restaurants or hotels advertise that they offer free Wi-Fi, as they tend to offer so little data that it does not make it worthwhile.
When I received a press release about Tsogo Sun’s free Wi-Fi connection for hotel guests, I thought “ag, not another advert”. After taking the time to actually read this press release, I was indeed interested.
According to their press release, “In Tsogo Sun’s Deluxe hotels, 750MB is free per room per day to in-house guests; in Southern Sun hotels, the cap is 500MB per room per day; in Garden Court hotels, the cap is 350MB per room per day; and in StayEasy hotels, the cap is 250MB per room per day. In all the hotels, these data limits are limited to a maximum of three devices per room. The free high speed, quality connectivity Wi-Fi service was launched in Tsogo Sun hotels at the start of June 2013, setting a new Wi-Fi standard in the hospitality industry in South Africa.

The above info all sounds very impressive and I will definitely give it a try. If you have stayed at one of the Tsogo Sun hotels since June this year and used their free Wi-Fi, please let me know what you thought of it.


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