Pouring Castle Lite Beer with your mind

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It is believed that humans only use 10% of our brains. If that is true, then how much of our brains would we need to use to pour a glass of beer?

South African beer, Castle Lite, has made it possible to pour beer just by thinking of it by using a digital mind reader.

The Extra Cold Mind Reader was conceived and developed by digital agency Hellocomputer for Castle Lite. The machine utilizes an EEG headset, which is calibrated to record the brain waves along the scalp by measuring the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time. The Extra Cold Mind Reader headset detects specific signals, such as conscious thought, emotion and facial expressions and uses these signals to control their experience.

By simply measuring concentration levels over a period of time, we are able to allow your mind to trigger a real world reaction, in this case, an automated pouring of a perfect -4 degrees Centigrade/Celsius Extra Cold Castle Lite draught,” explained Nandus du Plessis, Digital Manager for Castle Lite. “The longer you think about Extra Cold, the more beer is poured. This showcases the power of the user’s mind control.”

Jeez, what will they think of next? LOL.



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