Paul Walker takes a misbegotten trip to South Africa in VEHICLE 19

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I was unable to attend the media viewing earlier this week, of this exciting new movie filmed in Johannesburg.  After watching the trailer, I will definitely go see this movie, even after The Hollywood Reporter called it a “bottom-of-the-barrel chase film.”

I am sure you will also recognize some of our local actors in the trailer.  It is great to see local actors alongside American actor, Paul Walker, from the “Fast and Furious “movies.

To be totally honest, I am not expecting an Oscar worthy type of film, but sometimes it’s nice just to see some “skit, skop en dorner” type of movies, and I hope to identify the different locations in and around Johannesburg.

Release Date: 08 August  2013

Studio: ForeFront Media Group 

Director: Mukunda Michael Dewil

Produced By: Ryan Haidarian and Peter Safran

Starring: Paul Walker, Naima Mclean, Gys De Villiers, Leyla Haidarian, Tshepo Maseko, Andrian Mazive, Welile Nzuza, Mangaliso Ngema. 
Genre: Drama


Michael is an ex-con breaking his parole conditions to visit the ex-wife he hasn’t seen in 5 years.  He’s late and a power outage at the airport rental company mixes up his booking. Driving now. A phone beeps. Not his phone. A phone inside the rental car’s glove compartment.  Someone probably left it by mistake. Stuck in traffic now, Michael, scratching around under the car seat, he feels something. Slowly pulling it out — a gun.    Michael can’t afford any trouble, but has no idea what to do with a gun in the vehicle. This is not good — something rolling out of the trunk!  A woman, bound and gagged.




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