What ever happened to Mattafix?

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I go to know this UK duo, made up of Marlon Roudette and Preetesh Hirji, with the 2005 hit single “Big City Life.”  I used to repeatedly play this song when driving through the tough, busy and sometimes very rude streets, of Johannesburg.

They released their first single “11.30” in January 2005, and this amazing song never charted. This was my second favorite song of this band, with that cool line, “It took me a strong Cognac to get my flow back.”

“Big City Life” was the second single, which reached number 15 in the UK charts and No 1 in Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and New Zealand. It was also used on the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 soundtrack.

On their second album called “Rhythm & Hymns” the first single called “Living Darfur” was featured as part of the Save Darfur Campaign. They shot the music video in an actual war zone in a refugee camp in the region.

In 2010, the boys decided go their separate ways and I was only able to find music videos of Marlon Roudette. I guess it is the usual scenario when a duo breaks up and the lead vocalist goes on with their career.

I have downloaded some of Marlon Roudette’s music already and I hope you enjoy the selection of music videos below.


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