SA Web Series: The Art Of Life hosted by Kojo Baffoe & Steve Slotow

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Kojo Baffoe & Steve Slotow,
Kojo Baffoe & Steve Slotow,

The Art Of Life is a technology review web series hosted by Destiny Man Editor Kojo Baffoe & Steve Slotow, a freelance tech and motoring review journalist.

This web series shows that  if you have people or presenters who are knowledgeable  and comfortable about the subject matter, then the show will work. The show consists of a very basic product setup with two people sitting on a couch, holding up and showing the different products as they are talking about them.

The one thing that does annoy me though, is the camera technique of zooming in and out of the different frames. I know this  is used to help break up the monotony of the safe wide shot, but I am personally not a fan of this technique. I guess I am just old school that way.

They should consider using more still images of the product or video clips, which they can possibly find on YouTube or take the time to film alternative shots (B roll) of the products being handled by the presenters.

As an editor of a magazine and a freelance journalist who would normally get loads of goodies to play with and review, I assume they must have used this opportunity to start producing this show, which I think is clever of them.


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