SA Web Series: The Mishal Mookrey Show

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Mishal Mookrey
Mishal Mookrey

My wife, Mishkah Roman-Cassiem, introduced me to the Mishal Mookrey Show web series three years ago. At that time, I was the Multimedia Manager at Avusa Media Live. I remember the big discussion then was “Should the content for a web series look like the content on our television screens?”

When I saw the Mishal Mookrey Show I was impressed with the production quality of this lifestyle entertainment magazine show, but it looked like any other television show.

Today I feel that a web series like the Mishal Mookrey Show is important for the newly created local web series production industry, as it sets a high standard for others to emulate.

Mishal no longer produces his show as he has now become a presenter for SABC2’s “Eastern Mosaic” – an Indian cultural magazine show. Below are his answers to a few questions I asked him.


Why did you decide to produce this web series?
It was about taking personal ownership by creating my own opportunities and
a platform to express my creative self. I was attending audition after
audition and became so jaded with the process and the “no’s” that I wanted
to take control back.

Was the intention to use this web series as a pilot to help you pitch it to
TV broadcasters?
My intention was to put my studies into practice (I have a BA in film and
television production), and most importantly hone my craft as a presenter.
We don’t get enough time in front of camera to actually explore our self,
what works, what doesn’t etc. This was my opportunity.

Did you pitch the show to any TV broadcasters? If yes, what was their
I did approach the bigger stations to engage with them and introduce my
content but there was never any dialogue further – most of the broadcasters
are looking at it financially (they were more interested in me bringing in
backers) and not about nurturing talent and looking at it long term.

How did you fund this series?
It was a personal investment, I looked at it as “school fees”. An
opportunity to invest in myself which has really paid off.

How are you measuring the success of this web series? ie. By the amount of
views, etc.
I was fortunate in that, although it didn’t go on a national broadcaster, I
approached the regional channels and it aired on their channels
successfully. The national feedback, measured by request interviews,
recognition and secondary opportunities was positive. Also – the online
presence serves as a portfolio of work that I can reuse and refer people
too. I also look at the success of where I am now professionally, if it
wasn’t for the opportunity of presenting my own show I would not have had
the professional ability or confidence to be one of the new faces of Eastern
Mosaic. A show I’ve long dreamed of being a part of.

Have you sold this series to any other website yet?
No – not part of my personal intention

Would you be interested in selling your series to any other website?
I am currently undertaking my MBA, and part of my reasoning is to fully
immerse myself in the business frameworks that allows a creative thinker to
monetize his passion. Part of my research is to find a new business model
that affords me the opportunity to produce content that matters (not just
advertiser funded content – where creative control lies with the money) to
truly engage an audience and affect change for the best.


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