Vinyl collections: Paul Johnson Get Get Down

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Paul Johnson Get Get Down
Paul Johnson Get Get Down

When I started playing music as a DJ, I played vinyl records on my buddy, Maxwell Ludski’s, old belt driven turntables. When I finally got to play on the Technics 1200, I felt like a rock star. Placing the vinyl records on the decks was magical, especially when placing the needle on it and hearing the amazing sound.

Today’s digital sound just feels like it is lacking something. Even though I myself play music using the Traktor Pro and my S4 controller connects to my MacBook Pro, I am itching to play with vinyls again. Lucky for me, my good friend and South Africa’s most talented DJ, Dino Bravo, still has his large collection of vinyls and I will soon be buying me a pair of turntables. I therefore started going through his collection and I decided I will share what I found with you.

He first began DJing in Chicago in 1985, and started working as a producer in 1990, doing tracks for Chicago house labels Dance Mania, Relief, Cajual, Nite Life, Undaground Therapy, Defected, DJax Up Beats, Peacefrog, and Moody.[1] His tune “Get Get Down” became an international house hit, sustaining airplay for several years in clubs[1] and was a top 5 hit in the UK Singles Chart.[2] ( Via Wikipedia) click on the highlighted text if want to read more info about Paul Johnson from the Wikipedia website. 


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