Heineken’s Social Experiment ‘Dropped’ Clint Jacobs Lands on Polish Borders

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Clint Jacobs
Clint Jacobs

Heineken launches the fourth instalment of its ‘Dropped’ video series, part of the latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, which sees Clint Jacobs a graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa dropped from a moving plane and land somewhere on the Polish border.

Heineken challenges Clint to get to Berlin to put on a circus show from his landing spot in Poland. With only a tandem bicycle and a circus master’s uniform follow as he uses his ‘man of the world’ charm to hunt for someone to help him cycle to Berlin and recruit people to run away and join the circus.

After watching Clint’s dropped video, you might, like me, wonder if him meeting up with the people who assisted with his circus show was staged. He assured me that it was not staged. He also said that what we saw in the video was only about 5% of what he experienced on his trip. As an example, he had to cycle through three towns before he got the guy who cycled with him. He also, at times, had to sleep on the side of the road. He said it was a completely “jus“ (amazing) experience.

Click on here to find out how you can win a Go Pro camera worth R5000 in the Heineken Voyage competition.


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