Heineken Dropped SA – Day 3 & 4 Update: Dropped Deli

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Heritage Day is about celebrating the culture, diversity, beliefs and traditions of South Africa. And being a Heineken Legendary Traveller requires one to take in the same things about the country they’re in.


To do that, the four finalists of Heineken Dropped SA needed to speak to the locals…through their stomachs. By using the money they earned from their street performances the day before, the finalists were given a local recipe that needed to be translated by their followers to find out what ingredients they needed to buy for the challenge. From there, they then needed to prepare their dishes and sell them in local markets at their “Dropped Deli”. Only this time instead of asking for money for the food, they asked for “Food for Thought”, tips (interesting information) about the city. No one knows a city better than a local.


And after a day of sales, the finalist that received the most tips for the day won the challenge. And the winner was Simon.


To celebrate Heritage Day, Heineken sent the finalists out for the night to explore the city, enjoy football matches and make some friends. Heineken also sent them out on purpose, making sure they arrived late back at the hotel, as their next challenge had an early start.


Thinking that they were going for a leisurely tour of the city, the finalists were in for a big surprise when they were handed a South African flag and the task of giving a group of tourists, and a tour guide, a city tour. They needed to use the tips about the city they received from their “Dropped Deli” challenge, and they needed the help from their followers to get the points they needed for the Finale in Amsterdam.


The tour guides were the judges for this impossible challenge, as they give them every day, but were all impressively surprised by the knowledge, resourcefulness and the interaction of the finalists. They were particularly impressed with Baby, Kyle and Simon as they all walked away with the maximum of six points.


Going into the Finale tomorrow in Amsterdam, the leader board looks like the following:

1. Simon – 23 points

2. Kyle – 21 points

3. Baby – 20 points

4. Tshepo – 17 points


Find out tomorrow as to why there’s a leader board, and what legendary challenges await the Heineken Legendary Travellers tomorrow on Heineken Dropped SA from 9.30, only on @Heineken_SA.

Give them assistance and you’ll stand a chance to win a travel voucher worth R40 000. Remember to use the #HeinekenDroppedSA.

Click here to find out how you can win a Go Pro camera worth R5000 in the Heineken Voyage competition.


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