Heineken Dropped SA – Final Day     

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SA dropped team with Clint
SA dropped team with Clint

At the start of the day, all four finalists were blindfolded and driven to a location where they were going to be Dropped, literally – an airstrip on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Unfortunately after all the preparations and instructions, the rain came down before the finalists could Skydive. Thus cancelling the first challenge for the day.

The next challenge took place in the heart of Amsterdam – at the train station’s bicycle parking lot. If you left your bike here and forgot where you placed it, you could be there for hours. But what happens when you never placed a bike there in the first place?

The finalists were dropped off in order of the points earned during their previous challenges earlier in the week. Along with their bikes, the finalists were each given a bag filled with water with a bobbing rubber duck…and hole in the bag .The challenge – they need to keep their ducks afloat.

With the help of their followers, the finalists needed to make their way to one of Amsterdam’s most famous signs – the IAMSTERDAM installation. There they needed to find five people wearing green, and have a picture with them in front of the sign, all while making sure their rubber duck still had water. Once this challenge was complete, the finalists needed to cycle to the Heineken Experience for the final challenge of Heineken Dropped SA.

At the Heineken Experience, the finalists needed to find the bar area to learn how to pour a perfect Heineken Draught. And a Heineken Draught is no ordinary draught, it’s a process to make sure that the beer tastes the best that it can be. Judged by an experienced Heineken barman, the finalists were put to task on this challenge. And the first person to do the Perfect Pour would be the Ultimate Legendary Traveller, and the winner of R40 000 worth of travel.

We have a WINNER!

Simon Good
Simon Good

Simon Good!

2nd Kyle Tate
3rd Tshepo Mashigo
4th Baby Mashokwe

The other finalists don’t walk away empty handed, they all gained an experience of a lifetime. And they will forever be a Heineken Legendary Traveller.

Their followers also stand the chance of winning a travel voucher to the value of R40 000, (winner will be announced tomorrow).


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