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SA Web Series Channel
SA Web Series Channel

South Africa now has its first home for local web video content where producers can showcase their work. The inspiration behind the SA Web Series Channel website came from writing a series of posts about locally produced web series on my blog.

It was very frustrating trying to find locally produced video content on YouTube and Vimeo. If you don’t know the name of the channel, video or producers, it is going to take a very long time to find any local content. That is when the little light bulb went off in my head. There must be an easier way to find locally produced web video content, and now there is, just visit

Big thanks must go to the following web series producers who have partnered with me and believed in my vision.

The Art Of Life
Brendon Jack


Comedy On Air Africa


Follow The Spoor

The above people did not require a lot of convincing from me. Unfortunately, I did strike out with a few other web video producers, which is very disappointing. They don’t seem to understand that, here in South Africa, our local web series producing industry is still in its infancy and if we don’t help one another, our industry will struggle to grow and make itself attractive to potential investors.

Web news video content has established itself. The pioneers of this industry was The Times multimedia team, whom I was honored to manage from 2008 until the department was basically killed off because the then GM did not consider it as an essential part of the business.

Today, Eye Witness News, Mail & Guardian and News24 have all got established video multimedia departments. Unfortunately, like the newspapers, which own them, all tend to cover the same big news stories and are not really offering users/viewers much unique video content. Some of their video content does not even measure up to the traditional or brand history that the newspaper or media houses is known for.

The first short term aim of the SA Web Series Channel is to populate the website with a large variety of locally produced content. This I will do by getting permission from the producers to upload their content using their YouTube embed code, as this will allow every view from SA Web Series Channel to still increase their view counter on their YouTube channel. They will therefore not lose out on any exposure, being part of the SA Web Series Channel.

In the second phase, I will use my 17 years’ experience and networks in the TV broadcast and online industry, to assist local web content producers to raise budgets for content and projects.

I believe that web video productions should become the first step in the long and hard journey of becoming a top television and film creative talent, as this platform will allow beginners to make mistakes and learn from them. It will also allow creatives the time to develop and perfect a concept and raise awareness amongst viewers, so that when they get the opportunity to produce content with big budgets attached to their projects, it should increase the chances it being a success.

Please spread the word and let all your buddies who are in the TV and Film production industry know about SA Web Series Channel. Remember to also keep coming back to see all the locally produced video content.



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