Not So Delicious Food and Music Festival

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Delicious Food and Music Festival
Delicious Food and Music Festival

After my shitty experience on the first day of the Delicious Food and Music Festival, I initially told myself that I was not going to write a blog post about it. I thought I just became a very picky person and this type of event was not my type of thing. The VIP parking area was not managed well eg. people were allowed to park everywhere and any way they wanted which resulted in people blocking you in.

The VIP area was located at the furthest end from the stage making the musicians on the stage look like the size of ants. We waited for a very long time in the so called VIP bar area queue, just to be told that they ran out of water and ice when we finally got the attention of the barman. I noticed the long queues at all of the different food stalls and we had to deal with unfriendly and unhelpful staff members. Mishkah and I decided that waiting to see Jamiroquai in these conditions was not motivation enough to stay.

But after reading about all the other people’s complaints on the Delicious Food and Music Festival’s Facebook page, I was happy to see that I was not being an old “fuddy-duddy.”

Click on this link to read the different comments.

I am sure that the event organizers will learn from this year’s experience and make the changes required to ensure next year’s event runs much smoother.

FYI, after looking forward to eating Delicious Food, Mishkah and I ended up eating McDonalds on our way home from this event.


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