My crap stay at “The Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort”

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The View from my room at The Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort
The View from my room at The Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort
Growing up on the Cape Flats, my view of hotels were that they were places we drove past or where friends worked. I never thought of going inside to enjoy the facilities like the bar or restaurants etc. Later in my life, when I started to earn money and had to travel for work and for holidays, staying in hotels became the norm.
After moving up to Johannesburg, I started to stay in hotels for a night or two, just so that I could pamper Mishkah and myself. Once we got hooked on good spa treatments, we enjoyed the whole process even more when staying a over-night at the hotel where the spa is located. It has become a practice that we really enjoy.
On Saturday, the 12th of October 2013, we decided to book a spa treatment and night’s stay at The Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort. This hotel was opened for the FIFA World Cup 2010 and it is where the Brazilian soccer team was based during their stay here. Mishkah and I have been to this hotel many times to enjoy their food at the terrace restaurant which looks out on to the putting and chipping greens and the 1st tee off box of  Randpark Golf Club.
After making our reservations telephonically for a luxury room facing the golf course, we were looking forward to a day and a night of pampering.
When we arrived and parked infront of their entrance, none of their front of house staff seemed eager to help us with our bags. I had to hoot for assistance. When we got to our room, we discovered that they gave us a room with no view of the golf course, which we had requested. I had to ask for the manager on duty to sort out the situation, which the friendly manager did, with a lovely smile.
Once in the correct room, we only had a few minutes before our spa treatment and decided we would order a sandwich from room service. After looking for the room service menu and not finding any, we called the reception, and we were told that they don’t offer room service, but we are welcome to order from their restaurant and the waiter would bring it to our room. So I guess they do have room service even if they don’t know it themselves.
Then after experiencing some below average service at the terrace restaurant (which was weird, as we also had good service there before) we decided we had to change our mindsets and only expect the best from that point onwards and we will receive the best.Off we went for our spa treatments, which unfortunately was  also below par. I had to tell the lady massaging me many times that she needed to do it more gently, which I don’t normally have to do at the many different spas I have been to. My massage felt like a treatment with a physio, which is never fun.
We had dinner at their fine-dining restaurant called Balata, which was also not very fine. Mishkah ordered a bland tasting pasta dish which contained 4 scallops and pesto and I had a calamari dish, which was ok I guess, but not something that would make me go back to them.
All in all, the whole experience was very disappointing and not worth the time or money we spent there. It is really sad to see such a beautiful place, located in a venue that has two amazing golf courses right on their doorstep, that is not able to truly deliver good customer service. Hopefully they will get it right soon.

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