SA Web Series: Jozi Shore

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Jozi Shore
Jozi Shore

Recently, I was in a meeting with Julio Garcia, who is a Radio DJ and TV presenter, and we started to talk about local online web video content. He introduced me to a funny comedy web show called “Jozi Shore”. I am sure you are all expecting me to mention something about the name and compare it to the American reality TV show “Jersey Shore”. I did not watch one episode of the show, so I can’t compare the two shows.

Jozi Shore is about cousins, Taylor and Nicholas Greig, who privately share their thoughts about each other on camera, while speaking in their respective Jo’burg and Capetonian accents. It plays on how Jo’burgers and Capetonians perceive each other.
This show received a large amount of views. The first video has 224,637 views, the second 125,694 views and the third 91,975 views.

This show is one of the few locally produced online videos that has found its audience and proves that good content is king, no matter the platform (TV, DVD, Online). This videos could also help raise interest for brands to partner with local web video producers.


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