Scooting around for a good deal

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I am seriously considering buying myself a scooter and started doing some research on the available options. I am looking into the scooter option instead of motorbikes, as scooters have an automatic transmission. Ask anybody who really knows me well and they will tell you how much I hate driving manual transmission cars.

Initially, the scooter options did not look worthwhile, considering most of the ones I have seen on the roads all looked so flimsy, with their little biscuit wheels. Keep in my mind that I have a real big boy body frame and I do not want to look like a clown riding a circus bike.

My familiarity with scooter brands is also very limited, the few I know of includes the hipster dream scooter, Vespa. Then there are brands like Big Boy and Vuka.

Yamaha scooters
I was very surprised when I discovered that well known motorbike brands like Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki also manufactured scooters, which made me feel even more comfortable with scooters. Yes, I am also influenced by brands, just like all you label queens and kings reading this blog post.

Kymco 300i
I’ve decided to get myself a Kymco Downtown 300i scooter which is manufactured in Taiwan. Their 300i model, which I went to view recently, really impressed me. View the video clip which best describes all its features. The other main reason is its price tag, which is R43 800, and this is much less than similar scooters from brands like Vespa (R 97, 950.00) and Yamaha ( R109,950.00 ) etc.

Most importantly for me, this scooter also looks big enough to handle my body frame and it made me feel very secure when sitting on it. The 12,5L fuel capacity should also help with my budget and if my maths is right, when comparing my 12,2L per 100km of my Hyundai Sonata,  I should get about 200km per fuel tank. (Hopefully this is right).

Now, I need to find the money to pay for it, which I will buy cash instead of taking on any HP.


2 thoughts on “Scooting around for a good deal

    Tony McGurk said:
    November 16, 2013 at 2:10 am

    The Downtown is a nice looking scooter. I have had a Kymco 125 Super 8 for the past 3 years & it has proved itself reliable. I have done almost 10,000 kilometres on it & have never had a problem. It always starts 1st go every time even in the cold weather. I’m sure that buying a Kymco you will not be disappointed.

    siraajcassiem responded:
    November 16, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Thanks Tony

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