Jerry Seinfeld’s web series called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I was very surprised and impressed when I saw Jerry Seinfeld was also producing a web series called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”
As the show’s name indicates, it features Jerry Seinfeld collecting well-known comedians in vintage cars and taking them out for a cup of coffee, and of course, witty banter follows.
This show is beautifully filmed and Seinfeld does the video editing himself. From the look of this web series, it is clear to me that Jerry must have a good budget available to produce it.

The quality of the camera work indicates real experience, with good directing. Notice the warm and inviting visuals of the coffee making process, that contributes to warm and fulfilling feelings that one associates with having good quality brewed coffee. I also get a sense that there is a lot of thought going into choosing the different coffee shop locations, which all seem to fit perfectly with the different comedians’ personalities.

The use of small (probably GoPro) cameras in the interior of the cars also contributes to the filming of some funny, informative and compelling footage of Seinfeld and his guests.

My favourite interview from the first season was the episode that features Michael Richard. It was obviously funny, but it also gave me insight into the how and why of Michael Richard’s racist outburst, a few years ago, when a person interrupted his stand up set at a comedy club, and how it affected him.

This web series, which is produced by an A List Hollywood actor, does help to build more interest and credibility to this new web series video format.

Other guests interviewed in the “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” include Sarah Silverman, Ricky Gevais and Chris Rock.


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