Adrian Ephraim’s experience of the Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event

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Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event
Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event

I thought it will be cool to ask the Heineken Star Club ticket winners to write down their experiences of the night’s events and share it with you. Below is the account of Adrian Ephraim, who was on of the Johannesburg winners.

Quentin Harris at the Heineken Star Club in Cape Town
Quentin Harris at the Heineken Star Club in Cape Town

I’m not a people person. I dislike body contact with the heaving masses of inebriated half-wits you often encounter at concerts and mass gatherings. The Heineken Star Club experience was pleasantly different though. Firstly, the event was restricted to 1000 people, give or take, which made parking a delight. A brisk walk to the entrance, with no queues and we were inside in no time. The fact that one could move around and pick out the best spot in terms of audio quality, and not fight your way to the bar was a bonus. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been penned in by crazed music fans at public gatherings in the past. Quentin Harris was already in full swing at 10pm – surprisingly. He has improved over the years and to hear him live for the first time was an achievement in itself – for the most part. There was clearly a problem with the technology on the night. Either his software froze, or there were major problems with his equipment but every now and then there was a crisis. It killed the buzz, if you know what I mean. To his credit, Harris soldiered on, until I guess, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was great in parts, but lacked timing at some points. Kerri Chandler was a lot calmer and more considered during his set. Always soulful, always innovative, the legend had the crowd at his fingertips, singing along with them and creating new sounds on the fly. It was a night to remember for being just pleasant. Yes, the venue set up could have been better, drinks cheaper and a world-class DJ should never have to put up with substandard equipment. All in all, it was a satisfying night.


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