Shaun Harry’s experience of the Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event 

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Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event 
Heineken Star Club Johannesburg Event

The night started with excitement and buzz as I was eager to see two of the world’s best house Djs in action on African soil. Ralf Gum, who needs no introduction, warmed it up deep and thick, getting the mood going. For a German national, this brother has an African soul and a deep house heart.

Quentin Harris started his set with a bang, starting off with a few hits to woo the crowd, but shortly into his set, he couldn’t find his groove due to a few technical glitches, but he kept pushing, dropping a few more hits thinking it would get better, but clearly there was a disconnect with the crowd. Having been to SA before, I assumed he would know where to go musically but ventured completely off what the crowd knew.

The crowd in attendance were deep house connoisseurs waiting to receive what they know – expecting to hear Quentin Harris drop remixes of Donny Cloud 9, Studio Apartment , We are lonely etc. Sometimes it felt as if he were playing to get done. Technology glitches have a way of knocking the wind out of your sails. Finally he found his groove at about 01h30, he got into it and delivered a few memorable mixes and moments, even joining Kerri Chandler on stage for a little back to back.

Kerri Chandler
Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler put on a mesmerising technologically awesome show, dropping the local favourites and playing live sections of his productions, with great interaction with the crowd .What BLEW the crowd away were the holographic images of Monique Bingham, doing “We had a thing” by Abstract Truth. He played synths on some sort of light controlled movement using his hands to adjust (it was awesome).

Personally I felt the genre was too electronic and lacked the deep soul groove one would have expected but I guess “each to their own.”

My 2cents to add would be that the promoters should have changed the line-up to have the local Djs warm it up first to create that familiar feeling allowing then the international guys to pick on the vibe created to do their thing.

So to summarize the event, great production, awesome service, nice vibe, Heineken on tap and I got to see DJ/producer royalty.

A big thank you to Heineken Star Club for bringing out these two artists and to Siraaj Cassiem’s Blog for the tickets.


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