What to look for in a Cigar Cutter

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how-to-cutBefore you can enjoy smoking a good quality cigar, you will have to cut off the “cap” found on the one end of most cigars, before you can smoke it. I am sure you must have seen in movies how some people bite off the tip of cigars. Although it might look cool, it is important to remember that how you remove the cap off a cigar will play a big role on how well the cigar will smoke and your enjoyment of it.
The double blade guillotine cutter is one of the most commonly used cigar cutters, and are usually used on smaller ring gauge cigars. It usually makes clean cuts and it is small enough to safely carry in shirts or trouser pockets. This cutter makes clean cuts which normally allows the maximum smoke to exit and a minimum buildup to occur around the edge. There are single blade cutters too but I strongly recommend the double blade guillotine cutters.
I personally like to use cigar scissors as I like how easy it is to use to make exact cuts.
Then there is the Punch cut, I have only seen a Bullet punch being used a few times and I am not a big fan of this type of cutter. It is used to cut a small hole in the cigar cap and only allows a small amount of smoke through, which makes it a heavy smoke.


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