Cigar smoking courtesies

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When I first started to smoke cigars, people kept telling me how fussy cigar smokers were, always telling other people how one must smoke it, etc.
The best advice I can give you is to learn the basics and then enjoy it however you’d like. The intention with my blog is to share with you how I enjoy smoking them and if you try it and it works for you, then great!

There are a few common courtesies you should keep in mind when smoking cigars.

When I smoke at home, I make sure to use the below methods, so that I do not stink up the place.

If the weather allows it, I will enjoy a smoke while sitting outside on the stoep, always using a proper cigar ashtray.
If I am smoking inside the house, I make sure that there is enough ventilation by opening up all the windows and I place Bicarbonate of Soda in a shallow soup or pasta bowl. If you leave this bowl in the well ventilated room, I guarantee you, that you will not be able to smell any stale cigar smoke.

There are a large range air fresheners or sanitizers available at a cost and the above mentioned methods work and it is very cheap.

You will also have to put some thought into the type of ashtray you should use. I hope it is obvious to you by now that the larger cigars will not work with a smaller sized cigarette ashtray. If you need to rest your cigar, the small ashtray will not fit, therefore choosing the correct cigar ashtray is important.

I personally use the blue one below, made from glass, as I like how light it is to handle.

My Cigar Ashtray
My Cigar Ashtray

I also don’t tend to leave cigar ash lying for too long in the ashtray while smoking. I noticed that when I placed my cigar close to the ash, it tended to change the taste notes of the cigar.
When I am done smoking, I don’t throw the ash out into the indoor waste bin because whenever you open the bin afterwards, the strong smell of the cigar ash will be released into the air. Therefore, I throw the ash into a waste bag and then place it into the outdoor waste bin.

The above mentioned info might seem trivial, but let me assure you that my wife never complained once about the smell of stale cigar smoke. Never!

That’s it. After reading my blog posts about cigars, you should now be better equipped to start enjoying the hobby of smoking good quality cigars.

The best thing about cigars is that you have to make time available to enjoy it, unlike cigarette smoking, which always looks like people are trying to get their quick fix.


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