Which UB40 is to coming to South Africa? 

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Robin Campbell & Ali Campbell
Robin Campbell & Ali Campbell

Earlier this week I read a few news articles about UB40 coming to South Africa in April this year to perform two concerts. I found it odd that most of these articles had not mentioned that the last time they performed in South Africa, it was still fronted by lead singer Ali Campbell. He left the band after citing issues with the band’s management about 6 years ago and pursued a solo career. In fact, I saw Ali Campbell’s last live performance with UB40 at the Kampala Cricket grounds in Uganda 6 years ago.

The Bizcommunity website was the only news website that mentioned info about Ali Campbell. It stated that he will be reuniting with three of the band’s founding members to perform here in SA. Thereafter, I visited the official UB40 website to double check the info about Ali Campbell.

I was very surprised to read a statement from UB40 website, stating that they are outraged that three former band members, including Ali Campbell, have decided to hijack their name to record a new album and do live performances.  I find it hard to believe that no journalists picked up on this beef between the members, so it seems to be a classic case of “press release copy and paste” journalism.

So who is the real UB40 to you?

For me, a UB40 band without Ali Campbell’s vocals is just not the real deal. To illustrate my point, below is a video with Robin Campbell, Ali’s brother and  their current lead vocalist, performing a song.

The next music video below is one of Ali Campbell’s songs from his solo album called “Flying High”

Which of the two videos above sound like UB40 to you?


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