I don’t drink coffee, I drink Loose Leaf Teas my dear.

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Loose - Loose Leaf TeaI really love my tea and I have spent large sums of money looking and searching for that perfect cup. On a recent trip to Cape Town, Mishkah and I walked into the lobby of The Table Bay hotel with my mother and nieces at 22h30 one evening, in search for a good cup of tea. With the assistance of a very friendly and knowledgeable waitress, we went through their large selection of loose leaf teas. I decided on three different teas and we all enjoyed the taste experience. I made full use of this opportunity.

imagesWhile enjoying these teas, we started talking about how we used to drink loose leaf tea, growing up. We would place the loose leaf tea into a little stainless steal strainer and put it into a stove top kettle to brew.
It’s funny how things change, but still stay the same. I can’t remember when drinking loose tea fell out of fashion and was replaced by the quicker tea bags.

I am always annoyed when I ask waiters at restaurants if they have good quality tea, and they always reply with “Yes we have green tea or those herbal tea selections that normally come in those tiny boxes.”
1898270_629671363755323_835611741_nRecently, I have noticed how a few restaurants have started to offer loose leaf tea on their menus. Even Pick ‘n Pay have started to sell loose leaf teas, including a glass or steal tea pot, which are quite expensive, I may add.

If you like good quality tea like me, and have also struggled to find wonderful tea emporiums in and around Johannesburg, then I hope the venues below will impress you and if you know of another place, please send me their names.

So Yum, Hyde Park Corner
So Yum, Hyde Park Corner

So Yum

At So Yum, I tend to order their floral and fruity tasting teas.

Koi Rosebank
Koi Rosebank

Koi Restaurants

I really enjoyed their selection of dark Japanese teas, which has a full body and aromatic flavour.


One thought on “I don’t drink coffee, I drink Loose Leaf Teas my dear.

    Rid1 said:
    March 27, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Ever tried the ranges from Tea Merchant?
    (Quite Amazing i might add)

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