I don’t understand the concept of the most popular show reel structure, do you?

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musicshowreel2_mew1If you have  ever worked in the television industry, you must have been asked for a show reel. I do understand the principal of a visual CV showcasing your creative contribution to the different productions you have worked on, but I don’t think the current common show reel structure works for me.

The current commonly used format normally consists of a sequence of visuals edited to music. What I don’t understand is, how does that showcase your storytelling capabilities if you are a video editor, director etc.

That is why I always worry about people who ask to see my show reel. If my written CV describing the work I have done with contactable references is not good enough to convince you of my storytelling and video editing skills, then I give up.

Luckily for me, I have never needed a show reel to help me get work. The old “word of mouth” reference has done its job for me.  This does not however mean that I will not make myself a show reel. I just need to figure out a good format that will work for me.

There are however certain positions I feel, that the current popular  show reel structure is a viable one, for example for a camera person, animator etc. since their work can stand alone without it having to be video edited to tell a story.

To help prove my point, I randomly chose these show reel examples below.

Now tell me, how do these videos showcase their storytelling skills ?


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