Acid Jazz bands were a big hit at this year’s DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival

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Incognito on stage @ DStv Delicious International Food & Music FestivalUnlike last year, I was not offered a media invite by Total Exposure to attend this year’s DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival. I guess my blog post called “Not So Delicious Food and Music Festival” about last year’s event did not go down too well. Lucky for me, a good friend of mine, Owen Hannie, gave me his VIP complimentary tickets, as I was still in two minds if I should buy tickets, after last year’s bad experience.
After walking around the Emmarentia Dam venue, I was glad that I did not waste R2900 for the Luxury Lounge tickets or R850 for Delicious Lounge tickets. The unreserved normal tickets for R450 were the only tickets that offered true value for money because you could still get to see the amazing international musicians perform on stage.
The view from the Delicious LoungeThe picture above shows the view from the Delicious Lounge and Luxury Lounge next door, which had a raised platform which I don’t believe offered a much better view. Now tell me that ticket prices for these areas were worth it? The DSTV VIP Lounge was the only area which offered the best seated views of the stage.

I think this DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival is a brilliant concept and anyone attending the event it is going to have to accept that you will stand in very long queues for everything, from buying food and drinks to withdrawing more cash. But I think they seriously need to re-think the placement of these lounge areas. We are conditioned to the concept that if you are prepared to pay more money for the better seats or areas, it should really offer one the best possible views. Remember “location, location, location!”

Seeing three iconic bands like Incognito, The Brand New Heavies and Soul II Soul perform live on stage was priceless. This, coupled with my wife, Mishkah, and I enjoying dinner at the English celebrity chef Rachel Khoo’s pop up restaurant and meeting her, was flipping amazing! If you click on this link, you can read Mishkah’s blog post about it.

Me with Rachel Khoo & Mishkah Roman-CassiemIt was also the first time my nephew got to experience the magic of watching talented musicians playing live on stage with me.

Incognito was the 1st of the international bands to perform on the day. Incognito and The Brand New Heavies are both Acid Jazz pioneer bands. Acid Jazz was originated in the London club scene in the mid 1980’s and this music genre combines elements of jazz, soul, funk, disco and hip-hop. It is also known as club jazz. Besides Incognito and The Brand New Heavies, other notable bands of this genre include Us3, Digable Planets and Driza Bone, etc

Incognito released 16 albums since 1981, with their latest album released this year called “Amplified Soul”. They rocked the growing crowd and I liked what the guitarist and front man Jean-Paul “Blue” Maunick said at the end of their set, which was that he loved these type of events because it brings together people of different colours and creeds and we all united because of our love for funky music. Right on brother!

Then it was The Brand New Heavies turn, playing their cool funky Acid Jazz songs, including this song below.

The headline act, Soul II to Soul, then made their appearance on stage which helped increase the heat in the cold Johannesburg Autumn evening air. They have a very interesting history, starting off as a sound system, which is a group of DJs and engineers contributing and working together as one, playing and producing music, a concept that originated in the 1950s in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jazzy B, who founded this collective, stared playing records at house and street parties. Soul II Soul always had a changing roster with different musicians and singers performing with Jazzy B, including the current DSTV CEO Yolisa Phahle, whom you will see playing the violin in this music video. ( She is the lady wearing the red pants.)

All in all, I was very happy that I went to this year’s DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival and I am looking forward to going to the next one, which I have been told, will happen later on this year.

Below is the DJ set Jazzy B I think you might enjoy.


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