Whatever happened to Wet Wet Wet?

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Wet-Wet-WetThis Scottish 1980’s soft rock band came onto my music radar with their 1987 released album called “Popped In Souled Out” which I recently purchased on vinyl. Band members, which consist of Marti Pellow (vocals), Tommy Cunningham (drum & vocals), Graeme Clark (bass & vocals) and Neil Mitchell (keyboards & vocals) sang my favourite tracks “Wishing I was lucky” and “Angel Eyes”.

Wet Wet Wet‘s best known song was their 1994 hit “Love Is all Around” which was a cover of a song by a band called The Troggs. This song was used on the “Four Weddings and a Funeral” film soundtrack.

The band released their most recent album called “Step By Step – The Greatest Hits” in 2013, which includes three brand new songs. They will also perform 7 dates at race courses in the UK (mmm, that sounds a bit weird don’t you think?)

Below are a few my favourite songs from Wet Wet Wet and I hope you enjoy them too.


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