Mercia Lampen’s Creative Wedding Videos.

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Mercia Lampen
Mercia Lampen

I met Mercia when I hired her to join my SAPA multimedia team as a reporter, when I was the Multimedia Manager for the South African Press Association (SAPA). She was part of the team that delivered the high earning Oscar Pistorius bail hearing footage for SAPA multimedia, but I never knew she was this creative.

Since leaving SAPA, Mercia has become a social media expert, running different campaigns for large companies and produced these amazing and very creative wedding videos.

photo 1What makes these videos even more amazing is that she used a combination of iPhone, the Canon D5 DXL  and the Go Pro cameras, to produce these wedding videos. She also uses her social media network and understanding and delivers her clients’ videos via Vimeo, a video-sharing website. This makes it very easy for family and friends to view the video a few days after the wedding.

Another advantage of using Vimeo as a delivery platform, is that it allows potential clients the opportunity to discover her wedding video products.

Below are comments from people who saw her videos on Facebook:

Carien Botha “I don’t know these people but my heart just felt so warm after this AWESOME clip…well done to you for making this!”

Erika Du Plessis “I really do not know why this appeared on my Facebook page and I do not know these lovely people, but the video was brilliant. Well done! And many happy years for the couple I do not know!!!!♡”


2 thoughts on “Mercia Lampen’s Creative Wedding Videos.

    jean said:
    August 1, 2014 at 7:44 am

    so nice Siraaj

      siraajcassiem responded:
      August 2, 2014 at 8:38 pm

      Thanks Jean

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