The Dominican Cigar Roller in Johannesburg

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Luis LopezRecently, while walking through the new revamped Rosebank Mall, I saw this gentleman rolling wrappers on prepared bunches. His name is Luis Lopez, the chief Cigar Roller from the Dominican La Aurora cigar company.

He was here in Johannesburg to show guests at the very popular, Wesley’s Cigar Dinner, how the La Aurora cigars are rolled. Click on this link to read about the Wesley’s tobacconist blog post about their event.

I used to attend these quarterly Cigar Dinners regularly, but after always struggling to get somebody to accompany me, I no longer attend that often.

I guess it is the crap part of knowing more cigarette smokers than cigar smokers. I highly recommend you get yourself on their mailing list if you are looking for a good cigar dinner event.

After filming the video, I purchased two of these freshly rolled cigars and I enjoyed smoking the first cigar at the recent Slots Factor media event at Montecasino.


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