Whatever Happened to The Shamen?

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shamentenerif1991-1000x288The first time I heard this Scottish band was during the 1990’s when the rave scene was big in Cape Town. The Shamen had different members joining and leaving the group before I got to know their music. With their 1992 album release, called “Boss Drum” the group consisted of Colin Angus and Mr C.

The popular tracks on this album included “Boss Drum” and their controversial hit “Ebeneezer Goode” which was seen as promoting the use of the drug, Ecstasy.

Since the very good and popular old days of The Shamen, Mr C has moved on and became a house music producer/ DJ and a club owner (The End Club), while Colin Angus kept a low profile and in 2008 announced that he was working on some new music called Pablo Sandoz.



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