My Hot Mix Sessions DJ mixing video channel.

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DJ Dino BravoThe modern DJ has become the new rock star, being able to sell out big arenas, which was normally limited to the world’s top selling musicians or bands. As much as this phenomenon has meant that some DJs can become multimillionaires, flying around from gig to gig in their private planes, the biggest negative that I’ve noticed about this is that DJs are putting more effort into their DJ box antics than playing music. The new advances in DJ equipment have also contributed to this, with the addition of sync buttons on CD players, and DJ software like Traktor. (press the sync button to digitally beat match the track being played with the new track that the DJ is about to mix into).

As a result, more and more up and coming DJs are not learning how to beat mix with their ears, which I personally also believe plays a big part in how a DJ will develop the other important skill needed, which is track selection.

Therefore, I decided to start my DJ mixing video channel called “Hot Mix Sessions” with the main aim to showcase DJs who I know, have the skills to play music via beat mixing tracks with their experienced DJ ears, and offering the fans of well known South African DJs the opportunity to watch and enjoy them playing kick ass cool sets whenever they want to.

Please enjoy the first “Hot Mix Sessions” with DJ Dino Bravo, and share it with your friends.


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