Whatever Happened to Kenny Thomas?

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the-thomas-brown-affairKenny Thomas was a former boxer and BT technician from the UK, before his 1991 debut hit “Outstanding” which was a Gap Band cover song. It also became a Cape Town club old school classic with his other popular songs like “Thinking About Your Love” and “Best Of Your Love” which also did well in the UK singles and album charts.
I am a big Kenny Thomas fan who owns all 7 of his albums, so I got to know all his music. Besides his most played club tracks, he makes some really nice slow jams and is a talented songwriter. After his popularity died down in the 1990’s, he released a cool new album called “Crazy World” in 2006. This album includes his revamped version of the Mezzoforte classic “Garden Party.”
Recently he released two more albums, “Breath” in 2011 and “The Thomas Brown Affair” in 2014, where he collaborated with Wayne Brown, a hit songwriter, producer and Jazz pianist, who has worked with international artists including Billy Ocean, Ruby Turner, Junior, Lulu, George Michael and Johnathan Butler.

Below are a few of my favourite Kenny Thomas songs.

“I will”


“Best of You”

“Let it rain”

“Tender Love”



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