Holiday Swap KZN EP2, Finding Forever vs Single Mama Hustlers

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Me with team Single Mama Hustlers
Me with team Single Mama Hustlers

Last week Monday night’s SABC1 episode of Holiday Swap KZN introduced the two new teams who will compete in the next 2 episodes. Team Green, Finding Forever, which consists of Vikki, Sandy and Noma, compete against team Blue, Single Mama Hustlers, which consists of Cindy, Denise and Leigh Ché.

The teams will compete against each other in a series of exciting, and sometimes testing, group and individual challenges in and around the beautiful KZN province.

Besides being the video editor of this block of three episodes, I was also the chaperone for team Blue. My journey with these beautiful ladies started off when I collected them in Johannesburg and had to drive them to Durban.

The ladies had limited contact with the crew on set so that they did not overhear anybody talking about the challenges they had to do, as this would have an effect on their true facial expressions, when told by the show presenter, Nomzamo. I was the only person who they were allowed to speak to, which meant that the ladies continually asked me what was going to happen next. I then limited myself to only knowing where the next day’s location was and nothing about their challenges.

Cindy & Denise from team Single Mama Hustlers
Cindy & Denise from team Single Mama Hustlers


Like the contestants, being with them all the time, I was able to view their roller coaster ride of emotions, as they went out to do all their challenges, which I hope I captured in my edit of their episodes.

We all stayed at the lovely Waterfront Hotel and Spa, in Durban which was walking distance from Ushaka Marine World, our EP2 location. The Durban weather did not play its part, as we had to deal with hectic winds which were clearly visible in the sequence of shots I used to introduce the location in the episode. When you watch the sequence, when Nomzamo introduces and explains the challenges to the teams, they could hardly hear a thing she said as the wind and sand was blowing too hard.

Off camera, the contestants were given a more detailed briefing which also allowed them to ask questions so that there is no doubt that they all knew what they needed to do and this made all the challenges fare.

Ushaka Marine World offered the contestants a fun filled experience and I am sure it will also offer you and your family one too. The Aquarium blew my mind away with its ship wrecked theme and as Leigh Ché said, “It was amazing swimming amongst all these fishes.” You have the choice of swimming with the fish in one of their big tanks or leisurely taking a walk and enjoying a cup of tea with cake, while watching them swim all around you.

Holiday Swap KZN was designed to offer the contestants an out-of-the -ordinary experience of KZN, which, after watching the whole series you will see KZN as one of SA’s best holiday destinations, and not just because of their beaches.

Remember to watch this show on SABC1 on Mondays at 18H00.


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