Discovering British born DJ and producer Simon Green, aka Bonobo.

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Simon Green, aka Bonobo,
Simon Green, aka Bonobo,

I recently came across Simon Green, aka Bonobo, a DJ and producer who blows my mind. This British musician, producer and DJ’s song called “Walk In The Sky” (featuring Bajka) was the first song of his that I heard.

This got me Googling and searching and what I discovered was very impressive. I decided to provide what I found in the way I found it, and if what I wrote has tickled your interest, I am sure by the time you get to the bottom of this post, you will be one of his new fans.
1    Listen to  Walk In The Sky (featuring Bajka) while reading his bio from his website.


2.     Then I watched this video showing Bonobo performing live on stage with his band at last year’s Glastonbury Festival. It is so refreshing to see a DJ / Producer playing musical instruments and not just pushing buttons and knobs on a stage.

3    Then I watched him play this very cool DJ set at the Boiler Room, which was filmed 2 years ago.

4     Then I checked out his touring schedule and that impressed me even more.

And now I am waiting for some forward thinking South African music promoter to bring him to SA.




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