40 Something in Mzansi

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Siraaj Cassiem
Siraaj Cassiem

I decided to change my blog name to 40 Something in Mzansi, as I always intended my blog to reflect my passions and interests. Now that I am 43 years young, I noticed a couple of things have changed for me, which I can only attribute to being a 40 something person, and this is what I want to share with all of you. I still have my love for music – old and new.  My “What ever happened to?” blog posts are the most read blog content, which means that I will definitely continue to write them.

Unfortunately, my invites to entertainment events have started to dry up. I guess the shine of having worked for one of South Africa’s biggest news publishers has worn off, for most PR companies. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as getting home late from some events that did not live up to my expectations, and then having to either do a 12 hour shift of DIT work on a TV show set or location, or a 10 hour video editing session, has become a little more difficult as a 40 something person. This means that you will find me writing more blog posts about my experiences on these television shows.

For all of you who read my blogs regularly, thank you so much, and welcome, if this your first visit to my blog and I hope you will return.


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