The Art of Buying Music

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Recently, I re-discovered the fun of going to vinyl music stores and rummaging through their shelves for hours. This , in a world where it is very easy to go online and download whole albums for $2 .

Back in the day, going to music stores , paying clients had an expectation that the store would have knowledgeable staff , who would be able to assist them to find the musician or tracks you were looking for and then also to introduce you to similar musicians.

I know that if you are a regular online music buyer , you will say most of these websites also recommend other similar musicians.

The biggest difference is the fun of interacting with fellow human beings who are as passionate about music as you are.

The last music stores where I found such service here in Johannesburg was the old Look & Listen store in Hyde Park Corner Mall and Plum Music store which was in the old Rosebank Mall. Both these stores have closed down.

The last album I bought from Plum, which was recommended to me by the owner , was Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion , which I am sure I would have never discovered without his assistance.


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