Gemelli restaurant in Bryanston

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11705162_10153785296711180_1998926296784595395_nI met Alessandro via Max Tshunungwa many years ago, and saw how he successfully managed different restaurants. Some of you might remember him as the guy with the big infectious smile, big warm hello and a hug at Col’Cacchio at the World Wear shopping mall in Northcliff or at Cafe del Sol in Olivedale. Alex always spoiled us with his love and passion for food by making us special meals which were not found on the menus at the restaurants he managed. Even when we went out and about to other restaurants, we would ask him to make up a dish and instruct the staff at the restaurant we were chilling at, how to make what we wanted to eat. Alessandro spent some of his early years growing up in Italy where his father was the Lesotho Ambassador in Italy. So this dude knows his Italian food.
Recently, Alessandro opened the doors of his own modern Italian food restaurant called “Gemelli” in Bryanston (it’s in the same shopping centre where The Baron on Main is). So now you will have the opportunity  to eat his amazing tasting food and experience his infectious smile and big warm hello and hugs. I promised Alessandro I will first eat everything on his menu before I start asking him to make me something off the menu.

So if you are looking for a restaurant that looks beautiful and has amazing food with good service, please go and visit Alessandro’s Gemelli restaurant. If his past performance is anything to go by, this restaurant will shortly become a place where you have to book far in advance to get a seat.


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