Rob Dalton leads the way to the PinkStig Pro Am Invitational

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Rob Dalton of Sun International has made no secret of his interest and passion for the PinkStig. He uses every opportunity to inform, educate and popularize UniMedia Pro’s PinkStig Initiative.

Sally and RobIn June 2015, UniMedia Pro begun with the writing of Sally Little’s book “Capturing the Fire”, Rob did not hesitate to invite Sally Little  as his honourary guest to several of his Sun International events. UniMedia Pro and Sun International quickly settled into a partnership that complimented each other. No surprise when UniMedia Pro confirmed their PinkStig Initiative, Rob requested that the event takes place at the Lost City Golf Course at Sun City.

The PinkStig Pro Am Invitational, which takes place on the 28th November 2016 is aimed at creating a collaborative atmosphere and partnership between the caretakers of the sport in South Africa and those who simply want to see more opportunities created for SA’s women professional golfers.

Rob Dalton and his buddies Rob…

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