PinkStig ‘A Rising Tide’

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The PinkStig Dream Team has earned close to R301 271 over the last four weeks on the Sunshine Ladies Tour, with PinkStig Pro’s Carrie Park lying third and Kiran Matharu  in the lead on the Order of Merit Chase to Investic Cup.

Michelle Leigh and Ivanna Samu are sitting nicely in the top 20 and showing the skill and drive to earn for themselves a couple of top 5 results, and possibly a podium finish, with six events left on the Sunshine Ladies Tour. Tijana Kraljevic had been working on her swing and as a result, has not come home with the results she would have liked. When asked about her progress, she simply responds, “come and watch”.

Women’s professional golf is strong gaining traction from the various corporate sectors in South Africa and the narrative of women’s golf is very much the conversation in the boardrooms. 

Maria Verchenova Maria Verchenova

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