Fizile ‘Smash’ Sipamla on board with UniMedia

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‘Empowerment is the name of the Game’

We officially welcome Fizile ‘Smash’ Sipamla on board as a Director at UniMedia Pro who brings with him a wealth of experience in community development, recreation, arts & culture and a crucial contributor to Carolyn Steyn’s 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day. A man with a great sphere of enablers, driven by the narrative, ‘sport is a unifier and reconciler’.

Smash is 1 of 13 personalities who were recently appointed as part of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Transformation of Sport by the Minister of SRSA (Sport Recreation South Africa).

Smash born in Langa in Cape Town celebrates a long lists of achievement starting with his move in 2001 to the National Office for SRSA, doing policy and monitoring of sport and special projects around the country. He was delegated to oversee the first unity talks for South Africa Sports Union and…

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