Michelle Leigh ‘to feel a little life so active’

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There is a saying, that you don’t realize what you had until its gone. My golf is by no means gone, but temporarily on hold. 

My daughter is growing inside me, the space is extremely limited and making it uncomfortable to swing.

I currently have kicks ranging from the hip bone to the ribs. It’s

one of the best feelings in the world to feel a little life so active in your tummy, but at the same time, makes day to day life a slight challenge. Needing to invest in some slip on shoes as being able to bend over and tie a shoelace seems like a distant memory. I’ve even considered the dreaded crocs as I guess it is frowned upon to go grocery shopping in your slippers. 


My dream was to one day have four kids, but with the cost of living today, I think I already…

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