The PinkStig Friendship Classic Social League

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The PinkStig Friendship Classic takes place on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at Blue Valley Golf Estate at 11 am and invites you to join the social league. PinkStig has passionately created platforms for dialogue, collaboration and participation to appease the growing interest of women’s golf and more so corporate curiosity.

“The tide is changing fast in the culture of South African golf with its new face taking on a new golfing trend with a touch of pink.” says CEO UniMedia Zahira Hansa

At our forefront strategy, we intend to make the game more accessible to the ladies who show natural talent and demonstrate the appetite to be champions. The PinkStig Friendship Classic, currently in its infancy stage, is designed by UniMedia to support players who want to make the game more friendlier and accessible to women and youth and build friendships across culture and gender lines.

Rob Green Real promotions and Richard Booth…

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UniMedia congratulates Sari For Change at Torino Fashion Week in Italy

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UniMedia congratulates Sari For Change as they take their collection to Torino Fashion Week in Italy from the 28 June – 3 July 2017. The Mission of Torino Fashion Week is to  introduce to the fashion industry, retail buyers, shoppers, and modest dressing women to a talented group of sacred economy designers.

The Motto: Together we can make a difference!

UniMedia has been sourcing products from Sari For Change for its golfing events since its inception. UniMedia supported their initiative as it looked for a different look and feel behind the “goody bag” concept at golfing events.

Their goody bags, book bags and clothing covers has been a part of our events offering from Sally Little’s book launch to our inaugural PinkStig event at Sun City.

Showcasing their concept by using sustainable fabrics such as their vintage saris, whilst creating opportunities in business for women in this industry is aligned…

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Press Release: SOMI Releases New Album Petite Afrique

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Petite Afrique is a song cycle inspired by the vibrant African immigrant community that has become a vital part of Harlem’s cultural dimension – and to New York City as a whole. The historic uptown neighborhood fondly boasts of West 116th Street as “Little Africa”, where passers-by can find ornate traditional fabrics, Francophone bibles, palm oil and tribes of fast-fingered hair braiders, or the city’s best Senegalese fare.

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Woodhill Golf Club Signs with 1MARK

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Woodhill Golf Club hosted its Corporate Golf Challenge with the objective to spoil it’s clients with their new catering partner ‘SUMMIT’ showcasing its new diverse, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals and cuisines from around the world.

Woodhill Golf Club

The club also signalled its entry into the digital space by introducing their new in-house marketing and branding agency, 1MARK. Their app offers Communication, Live Scoring, Media and Marketing in real time.  Already the 1Mark Members Challenge is fast becoming an attraction amongst the younger players as it offers them more than live scoring, but invites them into exploring the digital golfing visual impressions from tee to green. 1Mark offers clients a complete turnkey solution from invitations, audited live scoring, updates, social media and corporate advertising.

Davlynne Lidbetter General Manager: Forbes Africa remarks: “I would like to congratulate the 1Mark team on creating such a great opportunity for other entrepreneurs and businesses”…

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Robin Thicke to perform at the Vodacom Durban July

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Mzansi Life & Style

Earlier this month, in a Vodacom Durban July first, entertainment powerhouse Mabala Noise announced the first official Vodacom Durban July Launch Concert with hit sensation Tory Lanez.

Mabala Noise, in association with Channel O and East Coast Radio, is now proud to also announce that RnB Superstar Robin Thicke will form part of the massive Vodacom Durban July Launch Concert.

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Michelle Leigh ‘to feel a little life so active’

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There is a saying, that you don’t realize what you had until its gone. My golf is by no means gone, but temporarily on hold. 

My daughter is growing inside me, the space is extremely limited and making it uncomfortable to swing.

I currently have kicks ranging from the hip bone to the ribs. It’s

one of the best feelings in the world to feel a little life so active in your tummy, but at the same time, makes day to day life a slight challenge. Needing to invest in some slip on shoes as being able to bend over and tie a shoelace seems like a distant memory. I’ve even considered the dreaded crocs as I guess it is frowned upon to go grocery shopping in your slippers. 


My dream was to one day have four kids, but with the cost of living today, I think I already…

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